About Us

The Beginning School teachers are some of the best in Tucson and are all highly qualified early childhood educators. They continue their education by attending a minimum of eighteen hours of in-service training every year and are CPR and First Aid certified.


Our child-oriented school strives to provide a warm, loving atmosphere that gives each child an opportunity to grow physically, educationally, socially and emotionally. As part of this mission, we seek to provide those opportunities that will allow your child to develop into a unique, creative, confident, and most of all, happy human being.


Goals & Objectives

Our overarching goals related to this mission are that your child will:

  • develop a positive attitude about school and see it as a pleasant and safe place
  • develop an increased understanding of the world around her or him
  • develop a growing sense of independence and competence
  • feel successful and good about herself or himself
  • learn to respect and think of others
  • continue to remain as warm and loving as he or she is today!

The Beginning School Staff

Betsy Sales

Founder / Director

Renate Combs

Associate Director

Denise Stewart

Kindergarten Teacher

Marie-France Cousineau

Pre-K Teacher

Kate Schwartz

Pre-school Teacher

Mary Leddy

Early Pre-school Teacher

Anne Avalos

Assistant / Teacher

Bethanie Alva


Karina Cruz

Spanish Teacher

Anneliese Herwig